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Reunion 2017


Schedule for the 75th Anniversary Reunion 2017

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path
And leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I personally will arrive at the hotel on Monday evening (16th) late in order to conduct some pre-reunion business activities with the hotel on Tuesday morning. If you are in town Tuesday afternoon/evening let us know. 

Wed 18th – Sign in & welcoming - starting at 1200 hrs. You can get signed in, get welcomed with a big hand shake, get some hugs 😊, be greeted and introduced to others. After you have signed in you can rest or spend the afternoon visiting with other 57th alumni. Refreshments will be available to all to include: water, soda, beer & wine.

A grin and grip will officially start at 1700 with an opening statement from the President at 1730 and you will be able to participate in a BBQ dinner buffet at 1800. Floyd Badsky tells me that our caterer is the one he personally uses for events. The food will be good.

The 57th was activated on 18 November 1942 and on this evening (Wednesday), we will acknowledge and celebrate this historic event. Jim (Dead Foot) Doornbos will be the master of ceremonies with the assistance of Cecil Fultz & Woodie Hall. We will be recognizing some very important people during the evening. The 57th WPS Commander Lt Col David Myrick will be with us and others. Also, there will be some pokes and some other funny things will be happening. Don’t miss this scheduled event as several previous 57th CC will be present and presented with a special gift. We will also take time to recognize some special individuals who served as the First Sergeant via additional duty. The trophy will be awarded for the YOUNGEST ALUMNI AT REUNION (YEARS IN 57TH), most time at TTU as an instructor, most years assigned to 57th, 1st assigned to 57th, spouses assigned to 57th longest and much more. Everyone will leave with a gift!

Thurs 19th– After our grand opening on Wednesday we will take the am time period to have a big breakfast, continue visiting and welcoming guests.

On 19 October 1964, the first operational C-141 landed at Tinker AFB. At 1400 hrs., we will dedicate the C-141 Starlifter Memorial Monument that has been placed in the Charles B. Hall Airpark at Tinker AFB. Floyd Badsky will head up the dedication ceremony of the memorial as he has been the point person working this project over the year with Tinker (job well done I will add). This will be a formal ceremony with staff and guest from Tinker AFB and the local community in attendance.

At 1800 (6:00 pm) we will come together for a free Mexican food buffet (paid for by a donation from alumni friends and we will have vegetarian food available) After dinner we will take time to remember the C-141. The Vice-President of the 57th Alumni Association, Mike Welch with Wim Wetzel & Lew Shedd will make this event rock. Remember, if possible, plan on wearing or bringing an item you used to this event while flying the C-141. The person with the unique item as voted on by those present will get a prize. The trophy will again be presented for most C-141 time pilot, most C-141 time navigator, most c-141 time flight engineer, most c-141 time loadmaster, first to fly c-141, last to fly c-141 at Altus, and more.

Fri 20th - Breakfast, visiting with one another. Golf outing at 0900 and if you want to join in do Dennis Lenhart via email @ dlresort@twinvalley.net or call 785-307-5904. Oklahoma City is yours today.

Friday 3 PM – 9 pm we will meet at the Rotary Pavilion at 8700 East Reno Avenue, Midwest City, OK, 73110 (Direction will be provided). Very nice facilities, restrooms plenty, large pavilion, lots of easy parking near the pavilion. Hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, chips, salad and all the trimmings. Also, drinks will be provided – the only thing missing is you.

Sat 21st –

57th Alumni Association Members business meeting at 0900.

Ladies shopping in AM. 

Mid-day is open schedule. 

Photographer will be available for individual and group photos – more to come on this event. 

1730 - 1830 Social hour 

1835 - 75th Anniversary banquet and Mike Peters is our emcee for the evening. There will be some formal and some fun activities. We will present some awards and bestow honorary 57th Alumni Association membership on some people.  After dinner, we will have our famous 57th Alumni auction. 

Dress for the evening? Dress up, it’s our 75th Anniversary. Men, wear a suit, sports coat or long sleeve shirt. Ladies, make the men look bad this is a special evening and pictures will be taken.


Sun 22nd – 0900 we will meet in hospitality room for installation of 57th Alumni Association officers and give our final farewell for 2017.