Final Flight Orders

57th Final Flight Orders

Remembering our Alumni and their spouses



Lost from the Formation


Air Corps men – They never die.

Into the clouds, and away they fly.

Up and up, beyond the blue

With steady hands and a course that’s true.

And as they fly, they look below

To see their friends in grief and woe.

And then they pause to say a prayer,

"Dear Lord, comfort my friends

Who live down there.

Tell them I’m going to receive my wings

In heaven above, from the King of Kings!

Written by: K. Kline



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Auger, David W. (Dave) CMSgt Flight Engineer 04/15/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Aument, John G. Civ Instructor 04/22/2004 443rd Technical Training Squadron 
Barnett, Leslie (Barney) B.  CMSgt Flight Engineer 06/23/2009 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Barnett, William M.  2nd Lt  10/11/2003 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Berens, Melvin J.  1st Lt Pilot 04/08/2010 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Bibb, Owen Kurt CMSgt Flight Engineer 10/24/2010 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Bond, Phillip (Phil) C.  MSgt Flight Engineer 01/01/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Bragg, Robert "Bobby" Adam SMSgt Flight Engineer 05/29/2012 7th, 443rd TTS & 57th 
Brannan, Herbert A.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 01/03/2016 57th Military Airlift Squadron and 443rd Technical Training Squadron 
Brignola, David (Dave) MSgt Flight Engineer 09/15/2013 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Brooks, Joseph "Joe" Anthony  MSgt Flight Engineer 10/04/2007 86 - 88 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Bucy, Robert (Bob) MSgt Flight Engineer 03/08/1989 57th Military Airlift Squadron & 443rd Technical Training Squadron 
Burk, Robert G.  Flight Engineer 07/23/2009 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Buroff, Stuart (Stu) W.  CMSgt Flight Engineer 12/09/2009 20th, 57th, 22AF, Hq Mac 
Campbell , Ralph W.  MSgt Flight Engineer 06/12/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron/Airlift Squadron 
Case, Lynda Jane Civ Dependent 02/11/2010 Spouse of CMSgt Bill Case 
Case, William (Bill) L. III  CMSgt Flight Engineer 04/23/1989   57th, 22nd AF & HQ MAC 
Chase, Richard H. (Dick) CMSgt Flight Engineer 04/26/2004 30th, 57th & 443rd MAW 
Christopher, Gerald "Chris" Lee  SMSgt Flight Engineer 02/07/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Clark Jr., Howard E.  MSgt Flight Engineer  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Coggins, Jack SMSgt Flight Engineer 07/16/2015 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Coldren, Robert F.  SSgt  06/10/2008 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Damron, Charles SMSgt Flight Engineer 12/31/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Davis, Richard Lewis (Dick) Lt Col Pilot 01/23/2017 57th Military Airlift Squadron Commander 1973-1974 
Downs, Ronald (Ron) E. CMSgt Loadmaster 10/14/2010 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Drown, Robert A. (Bob)  MSgt Flight Engineer 07/04/1989 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Eckels, Ralph C.  Lt Col  07/12/2003 TCS WWII 
Eller, Kenneth E. (Ken) MSgt Flight Engineer  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Ellestad, Scott Antone  CMSgt Loadmaster 06/04/2014 4th & 57th  
Englar, Roger Lt Col Pilot 09/15/2010 57th DO 1973-1974 
Farquhar, Sidney H.  MSgt Loadmaster 04/04/2005 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Fausch, John Marshall  SMSgt Loadmaster 03/16/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Flood, Robert L.  SMSgt Flight Engineer   
Fotis, William  Capt  03/17/2009 TCS WWII 
Fuchs, Jesse Civ Flight Engineer 02/14/2004 TTS Inst 
Gardner, Leroy O. (Okie) CMSgt Flight Engineer  06/29/2018 TTS Inst 
Garrison, George A. Jr., (Scotty) SMSgt Flight Engineer 02/01/1997 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Gignac, Ron  SMSgt Flight Engineer 03/15/2015 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Gonzales, John D. Jr TSgt Flight Engineer 06/26/2011 57th & 443rd TTS  
Grooms, John SMSgt Loadmaster  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Gross, James (Jim) F.  MSgt Flight Engineer 03/20/2000 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Haferland, Frank  MSgt Flight Engineer   
Hagerman, Donald L.  Maj Pilot 12/07/2008 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Haranin, Henry A.  1st Lt  04/08/2010 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Healey, James (Jim)  1st Lt Pilot 09/06/2014 Editor of the 57th TCS book "Saga of the Biscuit Bomber" 
Henley, Thomas (Tom) Lamar  MSgt Loadmaster 05/08/2015 443rd & 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Hilley, Gary Donald Lt Col Pilot 09/20/1990 57th MAS 
Holland, Gerald (Jerry) J. CMSgt Loadmaster 02/07/2009 57th, 443rd TTS & 443rd ABG  
Hoopes, James (Jim) MSgt Flight Engineer 01/26/2014 57th & 443rd TTS 
Hull, Joe TSgt Flight Engineer 12/22/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Johnson, Horace Glynn Jr.  MSgt Flight Engineer 11/26/2005 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Johnston, Jimmie W.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 06/16/2011  57th & 443rd TTS  
Kornegay, Charner "C.P."    04/15/2003 57th TCS 
Kruse, Gerald (Jerry) F. SMSgt Flight Engineer 11/06/1990 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Kundrat, George SSgt Maintence 03/05/2010 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Lachowitzer, Clen MSgt Flight Engineer 03/16/2014 57th & 8th 
Lackey, James A. MSgt Flight Engineer   
Lamb, George Robert (Bob)  Capt Admin 07/04/2013 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Landis, Ralph G.    05/17/1997 57th TCS 
Larivee, Roger P.  Col Pilot 09/15/1995 57th MAS CC, 8 Jan 1966 - 11 Oct 1966 
Loch, Hubert L.  CMSgt Flight Engineer 08/16/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Lovette, Leroy D. MSgt Flight Engineer  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Malic, Medardo "Med" Lt Col Pilot 09/13/2014 86th MAS, 57th MAS 
Mance, Anthony C  Lt Col Pilot 11/06/2007 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
McKinnis, Wayne A. Lt Col Pilot 11/13/2011 Instructor/Flight Examiner and CINCMAC crew pilot while in the 57th 
McRaven, James Patrick "Mac"  TSgt Loadmaster 04/08/2013 15th & 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Mead, Ralph Tracy Jr. Lt Col Pilot 04/01/2014 57th Military Airlift Squadron & 58th Airlift Squadron CC 
Meyers, Gail SMSgt Flight Engineer 03/18/2009  57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Milacek, Alan D. LtCol Pilot 02/23/2017 57th Military Airlift Squadron and 443 Technical Training Squadron 
Miller, Gail S. GS-13 & Col  Chief of Tng 02/17/2014 443rd MAW Chief of Training 1959 - 1989. Honorary LifeTime Member 
Miller, Glenn W.  Capt Pilot 02/15/2003 He spent 23 months in Southwest Pacific as a pilot and was awarded Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal (3 Oak Clusters).  
Milner, Barney J.  Lt Col Pilot 06/04/2010 57th MAS CC, 28 Nov 1969 - 31 Dec 1970 
Mitchell, James (Jimmie) A. SSgt TRNSP 07/16/2007 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Molton, William (Bill) Lt Col Navigator 07/29/2015 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Moorehouse, Buddy Brice MSgt Flight Engineer 05/01/1998  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Morren, Jack MSgt Flight Engineer 01/12/2018 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Palmer, Charles E. TSgt Flight Engineer 09/07/2014 57th TCS 1943 - 1946 
Parrott, George R.  MSgt Flight Engineer XX/XX/2007 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Pasch, David  MSgt Flight Engineer 02/18/2010 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Patriquin, Lawrence (Larry)  CMSgt Flight Engineer 04/12/1983  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Perdido, Melchor  SSgt Intel  05/16/1997  57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Perelman, Mel SSgt Maintenance 04/23/2013 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Peters, Barney D. SMSgt Flight Engineer 11/10/2011 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Pressley, David MSgt Flight Engineer 04/04/2017  
Przestrzelski, Joseph (Joe) John MSgt Flight Engineer 03/24/2013 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Raley Jr., James H. MSgt Flight Engineer 12/22/2005 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Rathke, James R. MSgt Flight Engineer 05/31/2014 15th & 57th MAS 
Rearick, Edward W. SSgt Flight Engineer 06/19/2018 57th Troop Carrier Squadron and Pickle Patch Designer 
Rhodes, Robert R.  1st Lt Pilot 08/29/2007 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Rice, Howard James "Grits"   Radio Operator 02/04/1970 57th TCS 
Rice, Neil O. MSgt Flight Engineer 12/31/2012 57th Military Airlift Squadron/Airlift Squadron 
Roach, Jud Capt Pilot 03/21/1980 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Roberts, Elmer  MSgt Flight Engineer  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Ross, Hal G.  TSgt Aerial Engineer 01/13/2002 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Shaw, Clarence L.  Capt Pilot 09/19/2009 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Shirey, Dieanna (Dee) Civ Dependent 11/11/2017 Spouse of MSgt Bob Shirey 
Shockey, Marvin MSgt Flight Engineer 06/03/2016 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Silfies, Ellwood Cpl   57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Smith, James C. Maj Pilot 09/03/1999 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Smith, John E. MSgt Flight Engineer  57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Strong, John F. 1st Lt Pilot 10/10/2009 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Summers, Gary TSgt Flight Engineer 06/16/2008 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Sutherland, John W.  Lt Col Pilot 12/31/2000 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Terbush, Thomas (Tom) A.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 07/05/2010 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Thomas, James M.  Lt Col Pilot 03/17/2003 57th TCS CC, May 20, 1949 - Oct 15, 1950 
Thomas, William (Bill)  Lt Col Pilot 09/21/1989 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Treloar, Jerry L.  SMSgt Flight Engineer 01/21/2014 57th & 443rd TTS 
Trimble, James (Jim) W.  CMSgt Loadmaster 04/10/2014 18th, 57th & CINCMAC Crew Member 
Trosky, Chester Joseph Jr.  Maj Pilot 05/14/2005  57th, and landing of a mortally crippled plane in Australia.  
Turkaly, Michael (Mike)  MSgt Admin 06/21/2010 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Tuttle, Duane Lt Col  Pilot 02/03/2004 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Weir, Therman C. Lt Col Pilot & Squadron Commander 07/19/1967 57th Military Airlift Squadron Commander 1966 -1966 
Welch, Jack D. SMSgt Flight Engineer 04/18/2008 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Welch, Joanne B.  Civ Dependent 12/31/1995  Spouse of CMSgt Mike Welch 
Wetzel, Zenobia (Zee) Ann  Civ Dependent 02/27/2011 Spouse of CMSgt Wim Wetzel 
Wheeler, Herman L.  SSgt Maintenance - Props 04/07/2004 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Whiteman, W. Stark Lt Col Pilot   
Winn, Kenneth E. Lt Col Pilot  07/25/2016 57th Military Airlift Squadron  
Witkowski, Gary  CMSgt Loadmaster 09/30/2007 57th Military Airlift Squadron 
Wood, Troy CMSgt Flight Engineer 07/26/2017 57th Military Airlift Squadron and 443rd Military Airlift Wing 
Woznicki, Joseph M. Sgt  12/07/1990 57th TCS 1942 - 1945 
Wyatt, Sam C.  Sgt  08/31/2003 57th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Young, David TSgt Flight Engineer 11/30/1992  
Zender, Paul J. CMSgt Flight Engineer 01/30/2018 15th MAS, 57th MAS, 443rd MAW 
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