Minutes of the 2016 Business Meeting


    The meeting was convened at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Dover, DE. Meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM CDT on September 15, 2016 by the 

    57th Alumni Association President; Woodie Hall.  Twenty-three members were in attendance.

    •  Meeting was opened with the pledge of Allegiance.
    •  Woodie Hall, President of the 57th Alumni Association (AA), welcomed everyone to the business meeting and introduced the AA Officers and Directors at Large.
    •  The President asked for a moment of silence for our departed comrades and spouses:    
    • Since January 1, 2016 we have said goodbye to 2 alumni members and one spouse.
      •  Alumni: SMSgt Herb Brannan, MSgt Marvin Shockey and Mrs. Ron Gignac
    •  The history and purpose for the establishment of the 57th AA was presented as a reminder to the attendees of the importance of our existence to Never Forget and to honor the unit’s history, heritage, tradition and supporting its future.
    •  President Hall conducted a historical review of the 57th Alumni Association:
      •  Started on 9 October 2010
      •   Incorporated in Oklahoma on 11 March 2011
      •   Sought Section 501 (3C)-19 status
    •  Review of spousal necessary actions after the passing of their retiree spouse.
    •  Recap of the projects that the 57th Alumni Association members made possible was presented:
      1.  2010 –Donated $1330.00 to the C-141 Memorial located in Freedom Park on Altus, AF
      2. 2012–Placed a granite bench near the C-141 in Freedom Park on Altus, AFB
      3.  2013 –Placed a Memorial Plaque at the National Museum of the Air Force
      4.  2015 –Donated $500.00 to the “That’s All, Brother | C-47A 42-92847” reclamation project
      5. 2016 – Donated a granite bench that was placed between the two C-141’s and $300 to the AMC Museum in gratitude for their support of the 2016 reunion.

     Secretary's Report provided by Wim Wetzel:

  • Reviewed the minutes from the September 16, 2015 business meeting.
  •  Alumni Association membership as of 09/15/2016:
    •  Lifetime membership: increased from 126 to 136
    •  Annual Active membership: 0
    • Annual Inactive membership: 13 
  •  The AA membership goals for 2017 were announced
    • Continue to find former 57th Alumni and encourage them to join
    • Pursue 100% Lifetime Memberships and converting remaining 13 Inactive annual members to Lifetime membership
    • Wim will attempt to contact the 14 Inactive members by any available method to encourage them to renew membership and/or to upgrade to Lifetime memberships.
    • Pursue current active duty personnel to join the Association 
  • Woodie requested approval of the Secretary’s report as read.  Motion to accept the 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved by voice vote.

     Treasurer's Report provided by Cecil Fultz

  •  The treasurers summary report was as follows: Funds Summary:
      •  Balance forward 03/31/16       $25,530.14
      •  Total revenue YTD (+)                  4,634
      •  Total expense YTD (-)                 (1,032.66)

      •  Balance at 09/03/16              $29,131.48
  • Motion to accept treasurer’s report was made, seconded and approved by a loud voice vote.

     Old Business: 

  • Status of IRS and Tax Report

1.    IRS Form 990-N filed on 05/24/2016 (IRS Tax Report)

2.    IRS Tax Year for Alumni Association is 4/1/15 – 3/31/16

3.    Granite bench placed at AMC Museum at 11:00 hours 09/152016

4.    Special appreciation and acknowledgement for General Quarnaccio

  • Next reunion:
    1. October 18-22, 2017
    2. Oklahoma City, OK
    3. Hotel TBA
    4. 75th Anniversary
    5. Monument dedication for the Tinker AFB and the acceptance of the first C-141 and initial operation of the 1741st Squadron and commissioning of the   57th MAS on 1 June 1966.
  •  Monument bids were discussed:
    • Chapel Rose Granite
      • Bid #1 $10,904.35
      1. Bid #2 $18,286.10
      2. Project team: Badsky and Peters
  • Reunion 2018
    • To be determined at the 2017 reunion

     New Business:

  • Election of 57th Alumni Association Officers and Directors at large:
  • The following individuals were elected by a majority of members present to serve as an Officer or Director at Large as stipulated in the By-laws. 
    •  President:                                           Woodie Hall
    •  Secretary:                                           Wim Wetzel
    •  Director at Large #2:                          Floyd Badsky
    •  Director at Large #4:                          Jim Doornbos
  •  After the elections the podium was turned back over to Woodie Hall to carry on the business meeting.     

        Other New Business:

           The members discussed the option of scheduling the future reunions post-2017 to be held every two years.  The concern for extending the reunions to every

           two years included the aging of the members and the long distances many members have to travel each year.  One major goal for modifying the schedule for

           future reunions is to increase reunion attendance. There was no consensus regarding how to proceed so the discussion was tabled.  Everyone was asked to

           consider any options and suggestions to be discussed at the next reunion. 


          Motion to adjourn was at 10:40 hours by Jim Doornbos and seconded by Lew Shedd.  The vote was unanimous on 09/15/2016.


            Wim H. Wetzel CMSgt USAF/Retired

            57th Alumni Association Secretary