Alumni Association

Dear 57th Alumni, 

The 57th Alumni Association has been incorporated in the State of Oklahoma. We received our Certificate of Incorporation (non-profit) on March 11, 2011 from the Secretary of State of the State of Oklahoma. 

To continue the development of the 57th Alumni Association and to support our mission we need your support via donations and membership.

Note:  Officers and Director of the 57th Alumni Association receive no compensation as all are volunteers.


Your membership is vital for the growth the 57th Alumni Association .  Why become a member?

·        The easiest way to stay connected with 57th friends

·        Reconnect with passion and friendships from the past

·        Meet new people, make connections, and enhance relationships at alumni events

·        Voting privilege at Alumni Association meeting

·        Your dues support our reunions, website, memorials, grants and awards

·        You are helping keep the 57th “Alive”


To join the 57th Alumni Association print the application below, complete and send with your check for payment made out to the 57th Alumni Association and mail to:


To print a 57th Alumni Association Membership Application click here: