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- My Father is An Air Force Man

My Father is An Air Force Man
By Sandra Lee Sharp

My father is an Air Force man,
And now I’ve learned to see
How this life gives as well and takes,
And what it’s meant to me.

Yes, I have had a treasured life
That’s shown me how to grow,
I’d never change it; though before
This wasn’t always so.

Forever moving, never still
From place to different place.
Our homes have numbered many –
Each address a town or base.

I still recall my father’s way
Those times when he’d come back
To kiss my Mom, then boldly state,
“We’re transferred, start to pack…”

Sometimes this was a hateful blow!
And times my heart would cry.
My friends, I’d have to let them know,
My dearest friends, good-bye.

I used to leave a hidden thing–
A pin: a strand of hair;
For though were we forever gone,
A bit of me stayed there.

When I was small I never knew,
Or cared, just what he did;
Or why he’d sometimes hold me tight
And say, “You’re worth it kid.”

I knew of course, my Dad flew planes,
When most kids dads did not.
I also knew, with sad resign,
Planes kept him gone a lot.

I watched how Mom would worry
When his plane was overdue.
But yet each time I knew he’d come
And bring a gift or two.

And what a dazzling sight he gave
This small, adoring daughter,
Dressed tall, in blue and silver;
And I’d brag, “This is my father!”