Projects 2018

Completed by 57th Alumni Association

(1) Placed a granite bench at the 57th Weapons Squadrons.

(2) Installed a granite bench at the C-141 "Tacoma Starlifter" at the McChord AFB Museum.

(3) Placed a paver at the McGuire AFB C-141"Garden State Airlifter".

(4) Assisted the Aviation Wing of the Marietta Museum of History in the restoration of Aircraft 66-0186 by giving it a donation of money.

(5) Placed an 8"x8"Granite Tile at the hangar honoring the B-29 "DOC". (Photo not available, coming soon).

Project Pending Completion

Place a granite bench at the Travis AFB Museum C-141 “The Golden Bear”. (Photo not available)

2018 Project Donors

2018 Project Donors