Saga of the Biscuit Bomber

The Biscuit Bomber

Fascinating historical account of the 57th Troop Carrier Squadron.

The Saga of the Biscuit Bomber book was written by members of the 57th Troop Carrier Squadron. Published by Halstead Press of Sydney Australia in 1945. The Squadron operated in the Southwest Pacific Theater delivering supplies and men in a successful attempt to keep the Japanese out of strategic New Guinea. Their efforts were often augmented by Australian troops. Book is packed with photographs of the brave men and their exploits. There are also numerous photos of USO tours, indigenous populations and Australia. Text details the action and describes the photos. This book depicts what military life was like in the Pacific during the war in a more informal "insider" manner than most books from this era. Several pages at rear are devoted to a Roster of the Personnel of the 57th Troop Carrier Squadron along with home towns.

This book was edited by a Lifetime Member of the 57th Alumni Association Jim Healey.

Jim passed away on 09/06/2014.

To be noted is that while given the task of editing “The Biscuit Bomber” book, Jim Healey was sent to Australia to get the work published. For his tireless efforts while working with the publisher Halstead Press, they, presented him a copy of “The Biscuit Bomber” book bound with Kangaroo skin. Each member of the Biscuit Bomber Staff would receive a copy of book “The Biscuit Bomber” bound in Kangaroo skin.

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