Korean War Era

Notables – Korean Conflict

57th Troop Carrier Squadron

(June 27, 1950 - January 31, 1955)

Notable: That which is worthy of notice; remarkable; memorable; noted or distinguished.

The information below has been shared with us by individuals who served with the 57th Troop Carrier Squadron during the Korean Conflict and are sharing their stories and accomplishments with us.

The second patch of the 57th Troop Carrier Squadron

Newspaper article that appeared in Pittsburgh newspaper in August 1951

Squadron Uses Flying Pickle As Its Insignia

Outfit Did Reserve Training at Pittsburgh

EDITOR'S NOTE-The following news release was sent to The 57 News by the Public Information Office of the 375th Troop Carrier Wing, Donaldson Air Force Base, Greenville, S. C. Don Robel, resident factory buyer at Chambersburg Factory, was a member of this outfit when it was a reserve unit at Pittsburgh and Don was then a member of the Home Office Purchasing Division. This story was also carried in the Field newspaper. Thanks to all the folks who sent in clippings of the story.

DONALDSON AIR FORCE BASE, SC. The 57th Troop Carrier Squadron has literally scraped the bottom of the pickle barrel and given wings to the lowly cucumber, when they adopted a flying pickle, the "57 H. J. Heinz Variety" type, as their squadron emblem. The flying dill was a logical choice for the former reserve unit that trained at the Greater Pittsburgh Airport. Many of them, prior to being ordered back into the Air Force October 15, 1950, worked in the shadows of the sprawling Heinz factories. Others passed the home of the vinegar and pickle industry on the North Side daily, and everyone knows that the "57" in the circle can only stand for Heinz and its products.

Even as reservist of the 375th Troop Carrier Wing in Pittsburgh, the flying pickle was the emblem of the Club 57, the social organization of the 57th Squadron.

Calling themselves the “Variety Carriers,” the 57th is completing a variety of assignments while carrying airborne troops and supplies. All types of equipment and troops are dropped to add to their versatility.

No wonder the 57th adapted their odd, yet unique insignia.

Patch design: The dark blue representing the Air Force color. The light blue for the sky. The green pickle representing the H. J. Heinz Variety and the silver wing depicting the Air Force crew members badge.

Admiring their handiwork on the new "Flying Pickle" squadron identification board are three members of the outfit,

SSgt Joe Oyler, from McKeesport

CpL George Vioral, Pittsburgh

SSgt Edward W Rearick, Pittsburgh

These three men are credited with the designed and painting of this emblem.