Mini -Reunions

The 57th alumni get together in Summerville, SC on May 4th, 2019, was well attended and the dinner was wonderful. Great to get reacquainted with friends.

Altus Mini-Reunion update!

June 23rd we gathered at Luigi Graziani's home and had a great time!

The food was a hit and the war stories were prolific.

Good times were had by one and all!

Thank You Luigi Graziani and Frank Whitver for all of the hard work making a huge success!

Some of the photos are from the Altus AFB airpark.

Looking Forward To Seeing You In Branson in 2020

Attending the mini-reunion were:

Cecil and Shirley Fultz, Richard, Marie and Ritchie Kaminski, Jerry Bechtel, Fred Carlucci, Clem Farley, Paul and Carol Gilbert, Larry and Sandy Graham, Howard and Connie Hall, George Liley, Charles and Vicki Smades, Bob and Diana Malesic, David Pelletier, Sylvia Sasse, Luigi and Judy Graziani and family, Lonnie and Patsy Williams, Frank and Mary Whitver, David Locke, spouse and guests, Kevin Meyer and daughter Julie, Corbin Dickerson and family, Joe Macgrouri, Mike and Peggy Bruce.

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone, if I did email me and I will add you to the list.