C-141 Memorial 2017

C-141 Starlifter Memorial

Placed in the Charles B. Hall Airpark at Tinker AFB, Ok.

Dedicated on 19 October 2017

The monument design is a C-141 low-level silhouette. The top center section is slightly rounded to represent the top fuselage of an aircraft. The sides droop as like as the wings of the C-141. The monuments center section depicts the name of the first wing (1707th Air Transport Wing) to own a C-141 aircraft and its emblem. The left wing (facing) of the monument is the wing of honor and depicts the emblem of the first squadron (1741st Air Transport Squadron) that flew the C-141 and the MATS emblem. The right winglet represents the squadron that continued the mission of the 1741st squadron (57th Military Airlift Squadron), its emblem and the emblem of MAC. This monument sets on a base of granite which depicts the strength of the men and women who flew, maintained and supported this awesome aircraft. The red granite of the monument represents the soil on which aircraft 63-8078 (the first operational C-141) landed.


Memorial Project